Cautionary Christian Movie Review: Barbie Movie Not Recommended for Young Viewers

Movieguide, a well-known nonprofit organization that provides family-friendly movie ratings based on various criteria, has raised some concerns about the upcoming Barbie movie. In their report, they express reservations about the film, suggesting that it may not cater adequately to its core audience of families and children. They claim the movie appears to prioritize nostalgic appeal to adults while incorporating lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender character storylines.

In one of its dedicated articles on the film, Movieguide notes that instead of appealing to a broader family audience, the movie seems to have focused on catering to a smaller percentage of the population. The organization suggests that this decision could potentially impact the movie’s box office success, based on their extensive 40 years of research.

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As of now, Movieguide has not released an official review for the Barbie film, so it remains to be seen how it will be rated in terms of language, violence, $ex, and nudity.

On their rating scale, movies listed on the site can receive scores ranging from a negative four to a positive four. A negative four indicates that a movie contains elements such as intentional blasphemy, evil, gross immorality, or problematic worldview, and it is strongly advised to be avoided. Conversely, a positive four suggests that a movie aligns with a biblical, usually Christian, worldview, and contains no questionable elements.

For example, Movieguide gave the movie “Sound of Freedom” a negative two score, cautioning older teenagers and adults to approach it with care. Despite this rating, the film managed to perform well at the box office, grossing over $7 million on its opening Friday and accumulating a total of $82 million in receipts. Industry reports indicate that the movie is likely to cross the $100 million mark.

In conclusion, Movieguide’s apprehensions about the Barbie movie may be worth considering for families seeking to make informed decisions about their movie choices.

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