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Super Affiliate System 3.0, an instructional program led by John Crestani, provides comprehensive training for newcomers looking to embark on their affiliate marketing journey. The curriculum revolves around a structured approach involving audience acquisition, website development, and traffic generation. It’s important to note that the Super Affiliate System is a legitimate program instructed by an experienced affiliate marketing professional, making it a reputable choice for beginners.

Effectiveness: Access 50 hours of essential marketing instruction to generate income through advertising networks.

Pricing:While the cost may seem somewhat steep, it becomes more affordable when opting for the monthly payment plan.

Support: Support includes an internet marketing forum, a Facebook group, and assistance through student emails.

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To begin, rest assured, I’m here to provide a review of John Crestani’s latest iteration of the Super Affiliate System and not promote my “Top Recommended Online Business,” also known as Wealthy Affiliate.

Additionally, I want to clarify that I’m a digital marketer who has been in possession of the Super Affiliate System course for a considerable period, and I use the traffic sources taught by John Crestani in his course regularly for local clients. This isn’t solely a recent acquisition for the purpose of this Super Affiliate System review.

You can be confident that you’re receiving an in-depth perspective on the true quality of John’s course.

As you might be aware, John Crestani initially began his journey as an internet marketer and later achieved the status of a super affiliate, individuals who excel in scaling campaigns to generate tens of thousands of dollars per day, by mastering various traffic strategies.

John Crestani has been the brains behind multiple iterations of the Super Affiliate System courses throughout the years. The initial version, for instance, was marketed at $5,000 during that period. He also created a product known as Internet Jetset, alternatively referred to as IM Jetset, which focused on instructing techniques for acquiring free traffic, including search engine optimization.

Given the abundance of training courses at his disposal, he made the deliberate choice to concentrate his efforts on promoting his own course, the Super Affiliate System.

Super affiliate system john creastani Paid ads
Super affiliate system john creastani Paid ads

Within the Super Affiliate System, John Crestani imparts knowledge about the affiliate marketing process, along with guidance on utilizing traffic platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads. This program is open to individuals of all skill levels, making it beginner-friendly.

Here’s what you can expect to discover in this review of the Super Affiliate System:

• What sets this course apart from other introductory online money-making programs.

• A detailed breakdown of the training, module by module.

• An explanation of the resources provided within the Super Affiliate System.

• The Pros and Cons of the program.

• Insights into the success students have experienced with John’s course.

Prefer to lean back and watch my review? Simply click on the video below!

super affiliate system youtube review

Super Affiliate System Bonus

If you acquire the Super Affiliate System via an affiliate link on this page, forward me your purchase receipt, and I’ll provide you with my Super Affiliate System video bonuses. These bonuses consist of the following tutorial videos:

• Instruction on Google keyword match types.
• Insights on utilizing negative keywords for optimizing your Google Ad campaigns.
• Guidelines for conducting split tests on WordPress landing pages.
• A third approach for creating landing pages without incurring monthly costs.

These bonus tutorials cover topics that I believed were lacking in John’s Super Affiliate System.

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Important Notice: Kindly allow 24-48 hours for the delivery of your bonuses to your provided email address. Additionally, to guarantee receipt of your bonuses, we recommend clearing your browser cookies before making a purchase of the Super Affiliate System via the links or buttons on this page.

The 6 Weeks Course Breakdown

Subtitle options in the members area include English, Deutsche, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

I revisited the modules, comprising 6 weeks of extensive training videos totaling 50 hours, and meticulously recorded my preferences and critiques.

Please note that I will refer to the course sections within the members area as “Modules” instead of “week #.”

Below, you’ll find concise summaries of each module.

The Welcome Module

John Crestani provides an overview of the Super Affiliate System, explaining how to navigate the membership site, emphasizing the advantages of this business model, offering resources for an entrepreneurial mindset, addressing psychological obstacles, and guiding you in setting achievable goals. He aims to equip you with everything essential for your success.

Week 1 – The System Setup

Before diving into paid advertising traffic, it’s essential to grasp the fundamentals of this system.

Week one begins with an uncomplicated introduction, guiding you through the setup process for the primary affiliate network employed by John Crestani in this course: Clickbank.

Following that, you’ll receive detailed instructions on configuring your website hosting and obtaining a domain name with Bluehost or another recommended host. Once these components are in place, John will walk you through two methods for utilizing his pre-constructed funnels, as mentioned earlier.

1.The Clickfunnels Approach ($19 per month through a shared funnel account)

2.The Manual Approach (free, but it requires accessing your host’s file manager)

Moreover, within my SAS bonus, I provide a tutorial on a third approach to creating these pages on WordPress, which is less technical and does not involve any monthly costs.

The final few videos in this module are dedicated to Facebook ads campaigns.

FB Ads Training Video
FB Ads Training Video

Week 2 – Google Ad Campaign Training

Google Ads is my preferred paid traffic platform because it allows you to display your ads when people search for specific keywords on Google.

However, I had high expectations for this module, considering John’s expertise in Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). To my surprise, it turned out to be less impressive than anticipated. Allow me to elaborate.

When you reach the video lesson on setting up Google Search Ads, here’s what you can expect to be covered:

•The process of establishing a keyword-based search campaign.

•Location targeting

•Device targeting

•Ad split testing

Aspects that are not addressed when configuring a comprehensive search campaign:

•Explanation of various keyword match types, including Broad Match, Broad Match Modified, Phrase Match, and Exact Match.

•Auto-bid vs. Manual Bidding settings

•Negative keyword explanation


I’m puzzled as to why these crucial aspects were omitted from the Super Affiliate System.

My assumption is that John aims to maintain simplicity to prevent overwhelming learners. While I can appreciate this approach, these fundamental concepts should not have been disregarded.

Interestingly, all the recommended money keywords (target data) for bidding are of the Broad Match keyword type. It may sound unfamiliar, but I assure you, Broad Match keywords can rapidly deplete your ad budget.

I’ve prepared video tutorial bonuses covering the Google Ads topics that were missing, which will be available for those who choose to purchase the Super Affiliate System through this page.

Next up is Google Display Ads.

Following the Google Search Ads lesson, the most valuable segment of this module is the AdWords Conversion Pixel Setup video. John provides instruction on tracking conversion actions for Clickbank products, and it’s essential to watch this to prevent common errors.

Conversion tracking is a standout feature in paid advertising as it enables you to pinpoint where to focus your efforts precisely.

Week 3 – YouTube Ads Setup

This module offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for launching your YouTube ad campaign through the Google Ads platform, considering that Google owns YouTube.

If you haven’t yet set up a YouTube channel for advertising purposes, John will walk you through the process in this section.

Youtube Ad Setup

Week 4 – Advanced Tactics

This module encompasses a diverse array of topics, including Facebook ads, adherence to ad compliance, general affiliate guidance, and copywriting. The copywriting segment is instructed by seasoned super affiliate members, such as Ronnie Sandlin, who have collaborated with and been trained by John in the past.

For those unfamiliar, copywriting is the art of writing with the goal of converting readers into leads or customers, a vital skill for affiliate marketers.

While the videos in this module are commendable, the copywriting tutorials are relatively concise. However, this isn’t a significant concern because you can’t truly hone your copywriting skills solely through videos. To master copywriting, practical experience in crafting ad and landing page copy is essential.

Week 5 – Presell Pages & Scaling

Every aspect of this module is dedicated to enhancing the scalability of your affiliate campaigns, with a primary focus on the presell page. Additionally, you receive presell page templates to assist you in this process.

The strategy outlined in this section can trigger that “aha” moment, as it unveils how internet marketers effectively encourage tens of thousands of people to take steps toward completing a final sale.

What I found particularly valuable in this module is the guidance on conducting split tests for presell pages and employing other optimization techniques that direct traffic toward sales pages.

John provides comprehensive guidance on achieving these tasks using Clickfunnels. He even takes the time to elucidate Clickfunnel Tracking IDs, enabling you to identify the presell page responsible for your conversions—a significant advantage in my opinion.

In my review bonus for the Super Affiliate System, I offer a tutorial video on setting up A/B testing through a tool similar to Clickfunnels, but it entails a one-time expense. If you’re interested in accessing this video tutorial, kindly refer to my bonus instructions.

Week 6 – Product Selection

During the initial five weeks, the training covers various traffic channels, illustrating concepts using the Business Opportunity (Biz Opp) niche and utilizing John’s Clickbank Super Affiliate System training course as an example affiliate product.

In this module, John explores alternative niches and sub-niches you can venture into. The primary markets he delves into are wealth, happiness, and health.

If you’re uncertain about which niche to pursue, John provides a valuable lesson on selecting the niche that aligns best with your interests and strengths.

Additionally, he explores a range of affiliate programs and networks outside of Clickbank. It’s worth noting that many affiliate networks, especially those catering to intermediate and advanced affiliates, tend to be more complex compared to Clickbank.


The Resources page of the Super Affiliate System not only offers access to the Targeting Data and Pre-Built Affiliate Funnels provided by John Crestani within the course but also features various other tools designed to assist you in your online ventures.

These resources encompass a variety of materials, including training content available in Google Docs and Sheets formats, such as:

• Affiliate Ad Swipes – established ad copy for the platforms discussed in the course.

• An Affiliate Network List extending beyond Clickbank.

• An Advertising Network List that goes beyond Facebook, Google, and YouTube Ads, with some including ad credits.

• Legal Resources are available in case you run into Facebook or Google Ad policy infractions.

• Course Archives are provided in case you wish to access the previous version of the Super Affiliate System, an earlier training program that focused on native ads and encompassed a wider array of affiliate networks.


The support provided by the Super Affiliate System is remarkable, offering solutions to both technical and non-technical inquiries through the knowledge center.

John’s team consistently enhances the Super Affiliate System content by addressing valuable questions posed by members of the Super Affiliate System. On occasion, John himself provides responses to these queries.

My Preferences and Critiques of the Super Affiliate System


• John’s instructional approach is well-suited for novices in paid advertising.

• The course provides a forum for fostering community interaction.

• The course does not necessitate an email list or email marketing.

• It offers pre-made funnels, advertising templates, and targeting data.

• The traffic skills acquired from the course are valuable for any future online marketing ventures.

• There’s now a three-month payment option available for the Super Affiliate System educational program.


• The course primarily revolves around a single niche and affiliate program as its example throughout the Super Affiliate System.

• Unlike previous versions of the Super Affiliate System, there is a lack of Native Ads video lessons.

• Some modules are incomplete and lack essential information, in my view (refer to SAS Bonuses for further insights).

Note: While native advertising isn’t a dedicated module within the Super Affiliate System, you still have access to the native advertising module, as you also receive Super Affiliate System 2.0. You can locate this resource in the membership area once you’re enrolled in the course, alongside other training courses.

Do individuals achieve success with John Crestani’s course?

Surprisingly, and I understand it can be challenging for beginners, members of the Super Affiliate System are indeed achieving success in the affiliate marketing realm.

John has equipped you with all the essential tools for success in his course. It furnishes adequate knowledge for individuals to commence earning income once they begin implementing the Super Affiliate System. Here are a handful of testimonials from the Facebook community.

Successful Affiliate Marketer Story
More Success Stories

Click to see more testimonials on John’s Official Website.

Pricing: How Much Is Super Affiliate System?

To gain instant entry to John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System course, the cost is $997. However, our readers now have the option of a monthly payment plan, which is available through a sales page where PayPal and credit cards are accepted. Both options are backed by a Clickbank money-back guarantee.

Should you choose to explore the Super Affiliate System, be sure to acquire it through any link on this page to receive my additional bonuses, which will be delivered directly to your email inbox.

If you wish to access John’s complimentary training and delve deeper into the business model, you can do so by clicking here.

Final Verdict on John’s Affiliate Course

Affiliate Marketing Business

John Crestani has been instructing affiliate marketers on how to construct their affiliate marketing enterprises for an extended period.

Is John’s course the top choice for acquiring expertise in paid traffic for affiliate marketing?

For beginners, I would endorse it due to his extensive experience in the affiliate marketing field.

He has methodically refined his teachings to a precise science and consistently generates success stories with each iteration of the Super Affiliate System.

This course is likely just the beginning of your journey into the world of paid advertising. As you become more proficient in handling paid traffic, you’ll realize there’s still a wealth of knowledge to acquire, and no single course can cover everything you need to know.

Numerous other ad networks and traffic channels offer lucrative opportunities for marketers.

John’s Super Affiliate System stands as one of the finest “training wheel” affiliate marketing courses available online.

While it may not be flawless, John Crestani serves as an excellent guide to the profitable path you have the opportunity to traverse.

Super Affiliate System Full Price

Super Affiliate System Payment Plan

That concludes my review of John’s affiliate marketing course! I trust that both you and many others in the future will find it beneficial.

If you believe this course isn’t the right fit for you, be sure to explore our “10 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses” article, which features numerous additional reviews. The Super Affiliate System is just one of the many successful affiliate courses I’ve had the opportunity to assess.

Super Affiliate System FAQs

Have you made a purchase of the product?

Certainly, I evaluate courses and products that I have personally used on this website.

Is there an option for a payment plan with this course?

Yes, there is. You can locate it on the Super Affiliate website here.

I am currently jobless and facing financial constraints. I’m in search of a swift and manageable side hustle to kickstart some income. Any recommendations?

I wouldn’t advise enrolling in this course if you don’t have a substantial advertising budget. There’s no shortcut to earning a swift side income.

This holds particularly true in paid advertising, where a minimum budget of $1000 is typically required.

Malan is a bit more advanced, primarily catering to individuals working on campaigns generating at least a thousand dollars per day and beyond. However, he also boasts years of experience teaching affiliate marketers. I trust this information is beneficial.

Will I require tracking software?

No, the affiliate networks and training platforms emphasized by John Crestani generally do not necessitate tracking software for your affiliate links. However, it’s not a bad idea to have one, especially if you’re dealing with native ads. The essential requirement is a reliable internet connection.

Is Internet Jetset still accessible?

John Crestani was the creator of the training course IMJ (Internet Jetset); however, it has been unavailable for more than a year. This course focused on the affiliate marketing aspects related to blogging and YouTube SEO (search engine optimization). It was a more affordable option and included a money-back guarantee. You can access the video trainings from Internet Jetset in the archive section of the Super Affiliate System.

Is the Super Affiliate System a worthwhile investment?

It largely hinges on your individual circumstances. If you have the financial capacity to cover the monthly advertising budget and are prepared to embrace the learning curve, acknowledging that beginner mistakes serve as valuable lessons, then the course can indeed justify its cost, potentially setting you on the path to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

If you have any inquiries regarding my blog post, this course, or any other training programs, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!

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