The play "2:22 A Ghost Story" enjoyed a two-year run in the West End and also had productions in LA, Melbourne, and Singapore. Its success rivaled "The Woman in Black."

2:22 A Ghost Story Success:

The play's author, Danny Robins, who gained fame through his podcast "The Battersea Poltergeist," made his playwriting debut with "2:22."

Author Danny Robins:

The play's notoriety was enhanced by its surprising casting choices, including big names like Julia Chan, Hadley Fraser, Jake Wood, and singer Lily Allen.

Star-Studded Cast:

 Lily Allen's first stage appearance garnered significant attention, contributing to the excitement around the play's opening in the midst of the pandemic.

Lily Allen's Stage Debut:

Allen's portrayal of Jenny, a new mother convinced her home is haunted, earned her praise for fitting the role well and adding warmth to the play.

Lily Allen's Performance:

Despite cast changes, the play's success endured, with various celebrities like Giovanna Fletcher, Mandip Gill, Tom Felton, Laura Whitmore, and even Cheryl taking on the role of Jenny.

Casting Changes:

The play created a buzz in the theatre world, with its unconventional casting choices generating both excitement and debate about the impact of star casting on the industry.

Theatrical Buzz:

"2:22" became a cultural phenomenon, akin to a meme, as casting announcements were eagerly awaited, and even joked about in pop culture references.

Pop Culture Phenomenon:

The story highlighted the ongoing debate within the theatre community about star casting, with arguments for and against its impact on the industry's credibility and audience engagement.

Debate on Star Casting: