Product Purpose:

AmylGuard is a weight loss supplement developed by Nutraville, claiming to aid in fat burning through natural ingredients.

Mechanism of Action:

AmylGuard contains amylase blockers that inhibit the amylase enzyme's activity, promoting fat utilization and discouraging fat storage.

Target Audience:

Ideal for older individuals struggling to lose stubborn fat, AmylGuard supposedly provides weight loss benefits without significant lifestyle changes.

Ease of Use:

Users simply take two capsules 15 minutes before a high-carb meal to prevent carb buildup and subsequent weight gain.


AmylGuard is said to encourage fat loss, quick nutrient absorption, improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and reduced risk of heart disease.


The supplement contains plant-based extracts like white kidney bean, bitter melon extract, chromium picolinate, and berberine.


AmylGuard is marketed as non-GMO, organic, and having minimal side effects. It is suggested for adults looking to lose weight and improve overall health.


Pregnant or nursing individuals, those without excess fat, and people with medical conditions should consult a doctor before using AmylGuard.


AmylGuard is positioned as an effective and natural solution for weight loss. Users are recommended to take it regularly for several months for optimal results.