Product Overview:

AmylGuard is a dietary supplement developed by Nutraville, designed to aid in burning fat.

Mechanism of Action:

It contains natural elements that inhibit the amylase enzyme, promoting the body's use of stored fat and discouraging fat storage.

Target Audience:

It is suitable for older individuals looking to lose stubborn fat, without requiring drastic lifestyle changes.

Ease of Use:

Users need to take two capsules 15 minutes before a medium or high-carb meal to prevent carb buildup and weight gain.


AmylGuard's key ingredients include White Kidney Bean, Bitter Melon Extract, Chromium Picolinate, and Berberine.


The supplement is said to promote fat loss, enhance digestion, reduce inflammation, decrease hunger, and boost energy levels.


Users report consistent weight loss even after stopping the supplement, making it a reliable solution.

Natural and Non-GMO:

AmylGuard is made from 100% natural ingredients and is a non-GMO supplement.


AmylGuard is positioned as an effective Japanese remedy that works as an appetite suppressant to assist in fat loss, suitable for adults looking to shed excess weight.