Daniel Ricciardo makes a surprise return to Formula One, joining Red Bull's second team, AlphaTauri, for the remainder of the season.

Ricciardo stepped away from racing this year and served as Red Bull's third driver.

The Australian driver expressed his desire for a "fairytale" return to the Red Bull team he left in 2018.

Ricciardo's stint with AlphaTauri puts him in contention for a potential future promotion to the Red Bull team and adds pressure on underperforming driver Sergio Perez.

Sources indicate that Ricciardo is determined to prove himself after a challenging period with McLaren in 2021 and 2022, and he is willing to drive for AlphaTauri as long as necessary.

The news of Ricciardo's return was confirmed while he was conducting a tire test for Red Bull at Silverstone.

Red Bull praised Ricciardo's strong performance during the test session, which played a significant role in the decision to bring him back.

Nyck de Vries, Ricciardo's replacement at AlphaTauri, had been struggling throughout the season, leading to his eventual departure from the team.