'Skanda - the attacker' is a Telugu mass film by Boyapati Sreenu, known for hidirected s loud and action-packed style.

The film features a plot involving the sons of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh chief ministers, turning erstwhile friends into foes.

The movie is filled with over-the-top action sequences, including slow-motion shots of violent acts, like heads rolling and limbs being chopped.

The dialogues in the film are often verbose and rhyming, serving as potential meme material.

The music is excessively loud, with an emphasis on high volume throughout the film, courtesy of the composer S. Thaman.

Leading women in the film don't have significant roles, and the movie lacks subtlety or nuance.

The story revolves around a hero played by Ram, who takes on the caricature-like chief ministers and is portrayed as a hypermasculine savior.

Ram's character is portrayed as crude and insensitive, initially referring to his classmate as "average."

The film's story is based on revenge and retribution and stretches for 167 minutes, filled with numerous slow-motion shots and rhyming dialogues.

'Skanda' lacks innovation in storytelling, character development, music, and action choreography and is an endurance test for viewers who may need noise-cancelling earphones due to its high decibel mass celebrations. The announcement of a part two at the end may not be received positively by the audience.