Dwyane Wade recently revealed a challenging moment in his relationship with Gabrielle Union involving fathering a child with another woman during a break in 2013.

 He initially tried to end the relationship by using vague excuses, but Union persisted in wanting to stay together.

Eventually, Wade had a difficult conversation with Union about the situation, acknowledging the potential hurt it would cause.

 Wade and Union worked through the situation and got engaged in December 2013, followed by their marriage in 2014.

Despite their progress, the 2013 incident still affects their relationship emotionally.

 The couple seeks therapy and continues to discuss and work through the situation.

Gabrielle Union addressed the situation in her memoir, expressing her devastation.

Wade is concerned about the impact on his son, Xavier Zechariah Wade, who had nothing to do with the circumstances.

He worries that this situation may unfairly affect his son's reputation.

Both Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union acknowledge that it's something they will have to deal with and work on continuously.