Supplement Purpose:

AmylGuard is a weight loss supplement developed by Nutraville, claiming to promote fat loss by inhibiting the amylase enzyme's activity.

Natural Elements:

AmylGuard is said to contain natural ingredients that block amylase enzymes, which are responsible for breaking down carbohydrates and converting them to fat.

Fat Utilization:

By stopping amylase enzymes, AmylGuard aims to shift the body's focus from carb storage to utilizing stored fat as an energy source.

Clinically Supported:

The formula is claimed to be backed by clinical evidence and targeted towards safe weight loss, particularly for older individuals.

No Lifestyle Changes Required:

According to Nutraville, using AmylGuard does not necessitate changes to diet or exercise routines.


Users are advised to take two capsules of AmylGuard 15 minutes before medium or high-carb meals to prevent carb accumulation and weight gain.


AmylGuard claims to reduce fat storage, improve digestion, lessen inflammation, and promote energy levels, mood regulation, and heart health.


Key ingredients include White Kidney Bean, Bitter Melon Extract, Chromium Picolinate, and Berberine, all aimed at inhibiting amylase and aiding weight loss.


While generally considered safe, potential users should consult a doctor if pregnant, nursing, or with existing medical conditions. The supplement is not suitable for those without excess fat to lose.