"Heartstopper: Beyond the Fairytale" - The webstory continues the heartwarming romance between Nick and Charlie as they navigate the complexities of being openly together in their teenage lives.

Growing Pains - As they face the pressures of GCSE exams and family dynamics, Nick and Charlie's relationship is put to the test, exploring themes of acceptance and understanding from those around them.

Supporting Characters - The webstory delves deeper into the lives of supporting characters like Elle and Tao, who contemplate taking their friendship to the next level, and Isaac, on a journey of self-discovery through his love for books.

Navigating Bisexuality - Nick's bisexuality is examined, shedding light on biphobia and bi erasure as he grapples with his identity, adding layers of complexity to his coming-out process.

Peripheral Romances - The story expands to include other characters' romantic developments, showcasing how friendships can evolve and sometimes be at risk when emotions are involved.

Plea for Understanding - Throughout the webstory, there's a subtle, underlying plea for understanding and acceptance, not only for LGBTQ+ individuals but for everyone, reflecting the show's maturity.

Real-world Touches - Nods to the real world are integrated, acknowledging older viewers' experiences while highlighting the challenges same-sex couples face in certain situations, such as sleepovers during school trips.