Safety in the Short Term: The ketogenic diet is often safe to use for a short period of time, up to several months.

Individual Variability: Depending on personal health conditions and objectives, the period of safety may differ from person to person.

Medical Supervision: For long-term use, it's critical to get advice and supervision from a medical expert or qualified dietician.

Nutritional deficits: Long-term ketogenic diets may cause nutritional deficits, particularly if they are poorly balanced.

renal Function: Long-term ketogenic diets may place additional burden on the kidneys, thus people with compromised renal function should exercise caution.

Long-term ketogenic diets may have an adverse effect on bone health because they tend to consume less calcium.

Mental health: In certain people, a long-term carbohydrate restriction can have an impact on their mood and cognitive abilities.

Sustainability: Individual adherence and lifestyle choices will determine how long a ketogenic diet is sustainable.

Cyclical Keto: To address long-term safety issues, some people choose cyclical keto diets, switching between rigorous keto and increased carbohydrate intake phases.