"Meg 2: The Trench," directed by Ben Wheatley, maintains a PG-13 rating, limiting the gore, but still finding creative ways to depict carnage and satisfy horror fans.

The film expands on the first "Meg" movie's premise, with protagonist Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) now protecting his stepdaughter (Sophia Cai) from prehistoric predators, including land-roaming dinosaurs and a giant squid.

The director injects a sense of fun and irreverence into the film, occasionally bordering on parody, with nods to classic shark movies like "Jaws" and "Deep Blue Sea."

"Meg 2" embraces a lighter and wittier tone compared to its predecessor, allowing the supporting cast, especially Page Kennedy and Cliff Curtis, more freedom to shine in their roles as scientists forced to join the action.

Sight gags and madcap mayhem contribute to the film's entertainment, with a particularly amusing scene where our heroes keep stumbling into the same armed holdup.

The movie maintains a sense of humor throughout, making it frequently amusing and occasionally delightful.

Importantly for some viewers, "Meg 2" ensures that no harm comes to dogs, balancing the action and avoiding excessive violence towards animals.