ProDentim Overview:

ProDentim is a natural dental hygiene supplement made from plant-based ingredients. It contains 3.5 billion probiotic strains to address oral health problems without harmful chemicals.

Ingredients : 

ProDentim's formulation includes Lactobacillus and Bifid bacterium strains, as well as uncommon herbs and plants beneficial for oral health.


ProDentim works by introducing healthier strains of bacteria to restore the bacterial balance in the mouth, which helps maintain oral health and combats bad bacteria buildup.


The supplement can improve dental hygiene, freshen breath, maintain healthy teeth and gums, and potentially aid in reversing cavities and tooth discoloration.


ProDentim's ingredients have shown to be safe and effective, with no reported negative health effects. However, caution is advised for specific groups like breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, and those under 18.

Dosage and Results : 

Taking one tablet daily is recommended for optimal results. Many users report positive changes within two to three weeks, with consistent use over six months recommended for optimal effects.

Price and Discounts:

ProDentim's cost ranges from $99 for a single bottle to $49 each for a six-bottle bundle. Discounts are available for purchasing multiple bottles.

Refund Policy:  

The supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and customers who purchase three-bottle or six-bottle bundles receive two additional bonuses.

User Reviews: 

Positive user reviews highlight the supplement's effectiveness in improving oral health, gums, and teeth.