Another Cringeworthy Season of ‘The Idol’ Unlikely to Return

The consensus among both Internet users and critics is unanimous: The Idol is receiving harsh criticism. It goes beyond being simply below average for network television; rather, it falls into the realm of questioning how such a production was even made. In the series, Lily-Rose Depp portrays Jocelyn, a struggling pop star aiming to revive her career after a nerve-wracking breakdown. Her life takes a drastic turn when she encounters Tedros, portrayed by The Weeknd, a nightclub owner and manipulative cult leader. Tedros subjects Jocelyn to manipulation and abuse, all in the name of propelling her to unprecedented stardom. Directed by The Weeknd and Sam Levinson of Euphoria fame, the show seems to prioritize shock value over a compelling plot. Regrettably, The Weeknd’s portrayal of a narcissist leaves much to be desired and can be described as cringe-worthy, to say the least.

Despite occupying HBO’s prestigious 9pm slot, previously held by the acclaimed series Succession, The Idol’s stint on the airwaves has been short-lived, spanning only five episodes in its first season. However, within each episode, viewers are exposed to instances of The Weeknd’s subpar acting skills, along with questionable plot developments that have become hot topics of discussion on the Internet. These range from peculiarly filmed sex scenes and unsettling depictions of abuse to the sudden introduction of seemingly random characters. As a result, the five-week duration of the show feels significantly longer, amplifying the sense of enduring an arduous viewing experience.

Naturally, the burning question on everyone’s mind is whether The Idol will be renewed for another season. Despite experiencing a substantial decline in viewership following its premiere, there remains a possibility that the show could earn a second chance if it manages to attract a significant number of hate-watchers. Whether you find yourself tuning in each week for the sheer drama or reluctantly watching anything but The Idol, here’s the information we have regarding its prospects for a sophomore season.

The Idol: Renewed for Season 2 or Facing Cancellation?

Another Cringeworthy Season of 'The Idol' Unlikely to Return
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Prospects for a second season of The Idol appear dim. In a recent GQ profile, The Weeknd referred to the show as a “five-hour film,” indicating that the initial intention was to complete the story within the debut season. Additionally, The Idol faced a significant viewership drop, reportedly losing over 100,000 viewers after its premiere, as reported by Page Six. This lackluster performance does not bode well for the premium cable channel, and while HBO has surprised audiences in the past with unexpected renewals for miniseries like Big Little Lies, The Idol does not seem to have achieved the same level of success.

However, it is worth noting that HBO PR recently tweeted that no official decisions have been made regarding the future of The Idol. This glimmer of uncertainty provides a sliver of hope for fans who wish to see the show continue. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether HBO will choose to invest further or cut their losses and shift their focus to highly anticipated returns such as Winning Time and True Detective. As viewers eagerly await an official announcement, fingers are crossed for a favorable outcome.


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