Goldie Hawn Opens Up About Her Decision Not to Marry Longtime Partner Kurt Russell

The actors, who have shared more than four decades together, have consistently upheld their public stance against marriage.

Goldie Hawn is now shedding light on the reasons behind her decision not to marry her longtime partner Kurt Russell, expressing her reservations about the institution of marriage.

During an interview with CNN, when asked about her enduring relationship of over 40 years, the 77-year-old responded with a thought-provoking question: “Why should we feel compelled to get married?”

Hawn elaborated that both she and Russell, 72, had previous marriages, and she came to realize that when a relationship ends, “it often becomes messy and unpleasant.”

She raised a series of poignant questions: “How many divorces end amicably? How many divorces do not incur financial costs? How many divorces leave you hating your former partner even more? How many divorces harm children?”

Hawn expressed her contentment in not being bound by the constraints of marriage, relishing the freedom to wake up each morning and actively choose to be in the partnership.

“Maintaining a relationship is challenging,” she admitted. “It’s not always a smooth journey. We face numerous hurdles and navigate beliefs and disagreements.”

Concluding her perspective, Hawn emphasized the importance of staying independent with individual thinking, as it allows one to preserve their sense of self and emotional connection.

Throughout their enduring relationship, the couple has unwaveringly maintained their decision not to marry.

In a March interview with Variety, Russell clarified an incident at the 1989 Oscars, which had sparked speculation about their impending marriage.

While presenting the award for best directing, the couple playfully teased the idea of marriage because they weren’t satisfied with the scripted content provided to them at the time.

“We were getting ready together, about to go onstage,” Russell recalled, “and we looked at each other and thought, ‘There will be so many people watching, so let’s make this memorable.’ We started improvising back and forth for about 20 minutes. We didn’t inform anyone that we were going off-script.”

Thirty years later, Russell confirmed that the moment was indeed entirely improvised and not indicative of any imminent wedding plans.

Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell
Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell

“We used to be constantly bombarded with questions like, ‘When will you two tie the knot? Why aren’t you married yet?’ And we would just wonder, ‘Why does anyone else care about that?’ We asked our kids if it mattered to them.Furthermore, it didn’t make any difference to us it is possible that,” he made sense of.

Their initial encounter took place on the set of “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band,” a movie released in 1968 when Goldie Hawn was 22 and Kurt Russell was 17.

Before securing the role, Russell’s mother predicted that Hawn would outshine other candidates for the part.

“My mother prodded me and said, ‘See that blonde with the interesting hair style? She’s going to get the job.’ And sure enough, she did,” Russell told Variety. “I found her incredibly attractive. She had an undeniable presence. You couldn’t miss her.”

When reflecting on their first meeting, Hawn shared with People that Russell was “adorable, but he was much too young.”

However, fate brought them together again 17 years later while filming “Swing Shift” in 1983, shortly after Hawn’s separation from her former husband, Bill Hudson, with whom she shares Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson.

“I remembered that I liked him very much when we first met,” she told the publication. “But we both had said we wouldn’t date another actor, so it just goes to show you can never predict.”

Eventually, the two started dating and welcomed their son Wyatt in 1986.

In 2020, Hawn uncovered the key to their getting through relationship to Individuals, saying, “You just need to need to be together. And that’s significant because if you truly want it, you can make it work. It requires sacrifices, but the joy and the comfort of being together, of touching someone’s toes at night, it’s a truly wonderful feeling.”

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