Jake Paul and Nate Diaz Teams Engage in Altercation During Prefight Faceoff

During the Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz news conference in Dallas, tensions escalated during the customary faceoff, leading to a physical altercation on stage. Punches were thrown as both fighters and their teams engaged in a heated confrontation, prompting security teams from both camps to intervene and a shoving match ensued.

YouTuber-turned-prizefighter Jake Paul and former UFC star Nate Diaz are set to face off in a boxing match at the American Airlines Center on Saturday night.

For nearly a year, there has been animosity between the two teams. Diaz’s team claimed that one of Paul’s security guards went after their fighter and his team onstage. Paul countered in a social media post, stating that a member of Diaz’s team initiated the altercation by throwing a punch, and then a Paul security guard responded.

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Afterward, on X (formerly Twitter), Paul posted, “Nate’s team has emailed my team trying to claim assault after his team swung first. Obviously the person who swung first is at the medical clinic getting join. Hilarious these fake gangsters acting like this!”

During the altercation, Diaz and Paul were mostly on the outskirts of the skirmish.

During the news conference, tensions escalated as a member of Paul’s Betr media team provoked Diaz with a question, eagerly anticipating Paul to defeat Diaz. The same individual had previously insulted Diaz’s brother, Nick, a UFC veteran, during a May news conference.

On Thursday, Paul took to social media, accusing Diaz of threatening a co-founder of MVPs and disregarding the support and partnership he had offered Diaz and his team. Paul also criticized Diaz for his actions towards a security guard at last October’s fight against Anderson Silva.

Diaz didn’t let the media session pass without reminding the security guard of the altercation that occurred during the fracas at Paul’s fight against Silva last October.

Chris Avila, Diaz’s teammate, who is set to face off against ex-UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens on Saturday, expressed his frustration with the security guard involved, blaming him for instigating the conflict with Nate on stage and stating that he deserves to be taught a lesson.

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Boxer Devin Haney Won’t Face Weapon Charge as DA Declines to Pursue Case

Devin Haney, the lightweight boxing champion, had a crime accusation of conveying a covered weapon in a vehicle, yet the Los Angeles lead prosecutor’s office chose not to seek after the case due to insufficient evidence, as stated in an email to ESPN on July 27. Haney learned of the decision on Thursday, the same day he appeared in court in Los Angeles, according to the DA’s office.

Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) was arrested and later released on $35,000 bail last month when police pulled over the vehicle he was traveling in the back seat of, as confirmed by his father and trainer, Bill Haney, during an interview with ESPN.

Recently, the boxer secured a significant victory in May against Vasiliy Lomachenko to retain his undisputed championship at 135 pounds. Furthermore, Haney is preparing for a WBC junior welterweight title challenge against Regis Prograis on Oct. 28 in his 140-pound debut.

Notably, Haney is ranked as ESPN’s No. 8 pound-for-pound boxer.

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