NASCAR Driver Noah Gragson Faces Racing Suspension Following Social Media Conduct

NASCAR and Legacy Motor Club have suspended driver Noah Gragson indefinitely, resulting in his exclusion from the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series race on Sunday. The suspension is related to alleged actions on his social media, particularly a liked meme mocking George Floyd, a Black man who tragically lost his life at the hands of a White cop in Minneapolis in 2020. The exact reason for the suspension was not specified by either NASCAR or Legacy Motor Club, and CNN has not independently verified the social media post in question.

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In response to the situation, Gragson expressed regret and issued an apology via a Twitter post on Saturday. He acknowledged his failure to exercise proper attention and judgment on social media, recognizing the seriousness of his actions. Gragson stated that he values and respects everyone equally, irrespective of their background, and admitted to making a straightforward mistake.

Legacy Motor Club has taken the decision to suspend Gragson indefinitely, emphasizing in a statement on Saturday that his actions are not reflective of the team’s values. As a result of the suspension, driver Josh Berry will step in to replace Gragson for the upcoming Cup Series race at Michigan.

NASCAR has expressed its full support for the suspension of Gragson, stating in an official statement that his actions on social media were in violation of the “Member Conduct” section of the 2023 NASCAR Rule Book, leading to the suspension.

For more information on the matter, CNN has reached out to NASCAR.

Gragson, a 25-year-old driver who is in his most memorable year in the Cup Series, as of now stands firm on the 33rd footing in focuses and has not gotten any best 10 completes this season.

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