Nikki Tamboli targeted the trollers for calling her an adult star, said…

Nikki Tamboli became very famous after the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’. However, over the years she has gained a lot of fans who love her ‘hot girl’ look. While he gets a lot of love, there are others who don’t leave any chance to troll him. In fact her current pictures have received a lot of hate from netizens, who have gone so far as to call her a ‘porn star’.

In an interview, Nikki Tamboli talked about the indecent comments received on her picture. He can tell me anything. They don’t care because it doesn’t matter to them. Referring to lewd comments, 26-year-old Nikki revealed that comparing her or anyone with an adult film star is an insult to those women.

An adult star also deserves respect: Nikki Tamboli

Nikki Tamboli said, ‘Comparing me or anyone else with an adult film star is an insult to women. Why insult a woman without any reason? Aren’t these the same people who enjoy watching such adult films with their lustful eyes? Even an adult film star deserves respect.

Nikki talks about trolling

Nikki further said that she does not take such trolling to heart and is not affected by it. He revealed that the more you respond to trolls, the more they will make personal comments and try to attack you. Nikki also shared that she will stop commenting when she realizes that it is one-sided. Nikki says that these trolls will not be able to stop her from living her amazing life.

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