Renowned Hong Kong Singer Coco Lee Passes Away at the Age of 48

Coco Lee, a gifted vocalist and musician brought into the world in Hong Kong, unfortunately died at 48 years old, as per an assertion from her kin. The news of her death, ruled as suicide, saddened her fans and the music industry alike. Coco Lee had enjoyed remarkable success throughout her career, particularly in Asia.

In an explanation shared on Facebook and Instagram, Coco Lee’s senior sisters, Ditty and Nancy Lee, uncovered that the prestigious star had been fighting wretchedness for a long time. Unfortunately, her condition had significantly worsened in recent months, leading to a tragic decline in her overall well-being.

The statement expressed that despite Coco Lee’s efforts to seek professional assistance and bravely combat her depression, the internal struggles proved overpowering, ultimately leading to her tragic loss.

According to her sister, Coco Lee made an attempted suicide at her residence over the weekend, resulting in her immediate transportation to a hospital. Tragically, despite medical efforts, she remained in a coma and eventually passed away on Wednesday.

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Originally named Ferren Lee, Coco Lee was born in Hong Kong before relocating to the United States. She spent her formative years in San Francisco, where she attended middle and high school. Coco Lee’s journey as a singer began when she achieved the first runner-up position in a prestigious annual singing competition organized by TVB, a renowned broadcaster in Hong Kong. Her remarkable talent propelled her to release her debut album at the young age of 19 in 1994.

While beginning her career as a Mandopop singer, Coco Lee ventured into diverse musical territories throughout her illustrious career spanning nearly three decades. She fearlessly explored and released albums in Cantonese and English, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Renowned for her dynamic vocal prowess and captivating live performances, Coco Lee became widely recognized and celebrated for her commanding stage presence and extraordinary talent.

In their heartfelt post, Coco Lee’s sisters expressed that she dedicated herself tirelessly to expanding opportunities for Chinese singers in the global music landscape. With unwavering determination, Coco Lee strived to make a significant impact and represent her Chinese heritage on a grand scale. Her sisters expressed immense pride in her accomplishments and the remarkable legacy she leaves behind.

Coco Lee made history as the pioneering Chinese singer to successfully penetrate the American music market. Her English track, “Do You Want My Love,” achieved a notable milestone by reaching the impressive #4 position on Billboard’s Hot Dance Breakouts chart in December 1999. This accomplishment further solidified her impact and marked a significant breakthrough for Chinese artists on an international scale.

Coco Lee lent her captivating voice to the character of Fa Mulan in the Mandarin rendition of Disney’s beloved film “Mulan.” Additionally, she delivered a mesmerizing performance of the Mandarin version of the movie’s iconic theme song, “Reflection.” Her contributions to the film showcased her remarkable vocal talents and left an indelible mark on the hearts of audiences.

In 2011, Coco Lee went into marriage with Bruce Rockowitz, a Canadian money manager who recently filled in as the President of Hong Kong production network organization Li and Fung. Although she embraced her role as a stepmother to Rockowitz’s two daughters, Coco Lee did not have any biological children of her own.

In her latest Instagram post, dated December 31, 2022, Coco Lee shared a series of photographs showcasing herself. Among the images, she proudly displayed tattoos bearing the words “love” and “faith.” Additionally, a picture captured what seemed to be a drainage bag affixed to her body.

Accompanying the images, Coco Lee expressed the profound significance of “Love & Faith” in a heartfelt caption. These two cherished words held immense personal meaning for her, serving as a source of strength and resilience during the challenges faced throughout an incredibly difficult year.

Within the caption, Coco Lee revealed that life had presented unbearable moments, yet she adopted the mindset of a fearless “female warrior” to confront them head-on with unwavering courage.

In March, Coco Lee shared a post detailing her journey of relearning how to walk after undergoing surgery to address a previous leg injury. The injury resurfaced following an incident during a dance practice in October 2022, which caused her to go overboard and necessitated medical intervention.

In a Facebook post, Coco Lee expressed her gratitude for a successful surgery. Despite experiencing considerable pain and the need to embark on the journey of relearning how to walk, she exhibited unwavering determination and a firm belief in her ability to overcome. With resolute conviction, she declared, “Yes, I can and I will!”

Mandopop singer-songwriter Wang Leehom took to Instagram to pay homage to Coco Lee, hailing her as the “ultimate superstar” whom everyone aspired to collaborate with. In his heartfelt post, he expressed deep admiration for her remarkable talent and enduring legacy.

Wang Leehom acknowledged Coco Lee’s groundbreaking contributions in the music industry, noting that she shattered international barriers ahead of any other Chinese singer. He emphasized the importance of preserving her memory as a fearless pioneer and a significant icon in the realm of music. Coco Lee’s legacy as a trailblazer and esteemed musical legend should forever be cherished.


Jolin Tsai, the Taiwanese singer, took to Facebook to convey a poignant message following Coco Lee’s passing. Her heartfelt post expressed the sentiment, “Rest in Peace. Your radiant smile will forever remain in our memories.”

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