Sam Levinson Always Intended to Conclude Season 1 of “The Idol” with Episode 5, Reports Suggest

The extensive discourse surrounding “The Idol” has always been overwhelming and challenging to navigate. Consequently, it feels appropriate that even the number of episodes in the drama has sparked controversy.

Initially, “The Idol” was expected to have a Season 1 consisting of six episodes, as reported in a Deadline article upon its greenlight. However, circumstances took a turn when the show’s original director, Amy Seimetz, departed amidst a highly publicized clash of creative visions with Sam Levinson. According to a source cited by Decider in June 2023, Levinson had always intended for the first installment of the series to comprise five episodes.

According to the source, the season was revised from six episodes to five episodes under Sam’s leadership in 2022. The source clarified that this adjustment was necessary to align with Sam’s specific vision for the story. Whether it was a clerical error or an exaggeration fueled by fan speculation, it seems that despite poor ratings and negative reviews, the initial segment of “The Idol” will conclude precisely as Levinson intended.

Awaiting Confirmation: The Fate of “The Idol” Season 2 Hangs in the Balance

Sam Levinson Always Intended to Conclude Season 1 of "The Idol" with Episode 5, Reports Suggest
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The first season of “The Idol” is approaching its finale, leaving viewers eager to see how the various plot threads will come together. Episode 4 left several storylines unresolved, adding suspense to the potential cancellation of the show. Among the captivating elements are the evolving relationship between Jocelyn (portrayed by Lily-Rose Depp) and Tedros (played by Abel Tesfaye, famously known as The Weeknd). Additionally, the spotlight shines on Dyanne (Jennie Kim), who is being groomed as Jocelyn’s successor in the realm of pop music. Meanwhile, tension brews between Tedros and his devoted followers, and Jocelyn endeavors to break free from the controlling grip of her handlers. Moreover, Leia (Rachel Sennott) serves as a crucial messenger, cautioning Jocelyn about the dangerous path she has embarked upon.

As the first season of “The Idol” reaches its satisfying conclusion, viewers are anxiously anticipating how these intricate storylines will be skillfully woven together.

The future of “The Idol” hangs in the balance, leaving viewers uncertain about the possibility of a second season. As of now, the show’s destiny remains unknown. Despite its position as the 144th most popular cable drama on Sunday nights, rumors circulated by Page Six suggesting that the series would permanently end after its first season were dismissed by the official HBO Twitter account. Fans eagerly await further updates regarding the show’s continuation or conclusion.

In response to misreporting, HBO clarified that no decision has been made regarding a second season of “The Idol.” The network expressed their anticipation for the upcoming episode, assuring viewers that they will have the opportunity to witness the conclusion of Season 1. Episode 5 of “The Idol” is scheduled to air on HBO on July 2, allowing audiences to discover how the season unfolds, regardless of its future prospects.


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