Love Knows No Age Gap: Shakira Radiates Happiness with Jimmy Butler

According to a recent report from US Weekly on Friday, it seems that Miami Heat’s talented player, Jimmy Butler, and renowned singer Shakira are romantically involved. However, the couple is choosing to progress their relationship at a comfortable pace. The report mentions that Jimmy’s sense of humor brings laughter to Shakira, and she appears unfazed by the age difference between them.

Amidst the ongoing rumors linking them, it has been noted that Shakira, at the age of 46, holds a 13-year age difference with Butler. Their connection has been speculated for several months, particularly gaining attention when Shakira was seen attending Heat games during the 2023 NBA Playoffs.

An exclusive source revealed to Us Weekly that Jimmy Butler and Shakira have gone out together a few times, but their relationship is still in its early stages, making it difficult to determine if it could become a long-term connection. The source noted that Jimmy’s presence brings a smile to Shakira’s face, and she enjoys their time together, though they are taking things slowly.

Despite the 13-year age gap between them, the source emphasized that Shakira is entirely comfortable with it, showing no concerns given her previous romantic involvements with other celebrities after her recent divorce.

Recently, at Wimbledon, Butler, aged 33, and Shakira were seen sitting a few rows apart, but they later continued their time together at a different location, further sparking interest in their possible relationship.

London date for Jimmy Butler and Shakira

Despite arriving at the restaurant just minutes apart, Shakira and Butler still managed to have dinner together. According to E! News, the two were seen looking cozy inside one of London’s most popular celebrity restaurants as they placed their orders.

Once they finished their meal at Novikov Restaurant & Bar, it’s reported that Butler’s security detail escorted Shakira, hinting at a close connection between the two.

As of now, neither Shakira nor Butler has confirmed or denied the dating rumors. It seems they’ll likely continue to keep their relationship low-key, even though their attempts to do so have not been entirely successful.

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