Taylor Swift’s ‘Reveal Yourself’: This is the song you must hear on the new version of her album.

Fans of Taylor Swift, known for their unwavering devotion, are eagerly anticipating the reemergence of her voice through the latest rendition of her 2010 album, “Speak Now.”

Taylor Swift released her latest album on Friday, marking the third time she has rereleased her previous works under the title “Taylor’s Version.” This decision was driven by her desire to regain control over her artistic creations after the contentious circumstances surrounding the sale of her original master recordings in 2020. Prior to this release, she had already reimagined and reissued her albums “Fearless” and “Red.”

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In “Taylor’s Version” of “Speak Now,” Taylor Swift presents re-recordings of all 14 original tracks from the album, along with two additional songs from the 2010 bonus version, namely “Ours” and “Superman.” The core songs, such as “Back to December,” “Mine,” “Sparks Fly,” and “Mean,” retain their essence while benefiting from a polished touch and showcasing Swift’s ever-assured vocals.

Taylor Swift's 'Reveal Yourself': This is the song you must hear on the new version of her album.
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Sharp-eared Swifties have keenly observed slight variations in the lengths of most songs, differing by a second or two. Additionally, in the track “Better Than Revenge,” a notable alteration has been made to the lyrics. The original line, “She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress,” has been reworked to “He was a moth to a flame, she was holding the matches.”

A delightful surprise for fans lies in the form of six fresh “vault” tracks, two of which showcase collaborations. One of these collaborations is with Fall Out Boy, adding an anthemic touch to the track titled “Electric Touch.” The other notable collaboration features Hayley Williams from Paramore, lending her soaring vocals to the heartfelt ballad named “Castles Crumbling.”

Which songs from Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’ album are included in her Eras Tour setlist?

On Taylor Swift’s extensive Eras Tour, references to her album “Speak Now” have been subtly incorporated, with the song “Enchanted” being the sole representative of that particular era.

During her concert in Minneapolis on June 24, Taylor Swift offered a tantalizing hint at the rerelease of her album by including a performance of “Dear John” as one of the two “surprise” songs she showcases at each show. Prior to the nearly seven-minute heartfelt rendition of her tumultuous relationship with John Mayer when she was 19, Swift kindly requested her dedicated fans not to engage in online harassment towards Mayer.

Swift made it clear that her intention for releasing the album was not to compel her fans to defend her on the internet against someone they speculate she may have written a song about. She unequivocally expressed, “I’m not putting this collection out so you ought to want to guard me on the web against somebody you figure I could have composed a tune about.”

“The Epitome of Love: ‘Emma’s Enchantment’ Shines Bright on ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)'”

Among all six new songs, which are brimming with Swift’s captivating melodies and evocative storytelling lyrics, there is one that has been the subject of intense speculation among fans for weeks, making it the clear standout.

Taylor Swift's 'Reveal Yourself': This is the song you must hear on the new version of her album.
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Speculations suggest that the song titled “When Emma Falls in Love” is possibly inspired by Swift’s enduring friendship with actress Emma Stone, whom she has been close to since the late 2000s. This timeframe coincides with Swift’s songwriting for her album “Speak Now.”

Certain lyrics within the song strongly suggest that the central character, Emma, experiences the sensation of falling in love (“Emma met a boy with eyes like a man/turns out her heart fits right in the palm of her hands”). However, upon closer examination of Swift’s poignant lyrics, a more profound interpretation emerges—one that signifies the profound admiration and deep affection Swift holds for her dear friend.


The song seamlessly blends elements from Swift’s transition from country (notice the banjo!) to pop (with a beautiful piano melody!). It gradually builds from a tender ballad to an exhilarating chorus. In this captivating moment, Swift passionately sings, “‘Cause she possesses the irresistible allure that captivates one’s attention, like imagining Cleopatra growing up in a small town. Suddenly, all the rebellious souls would transform into well-intentioned gentlemen, if only they had the opportunity to love her. And, to be honest, there are moments when I wish I could embody her essence.”

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