Teenage Ukrainian Punk Band Ecstatic to Perform at Glastonbury

Ukrainian All-Young lady High school Underground Rock Band, The Sixsters, Excited by “Very Mind boggling” Glastonbury Execution.

On Friday morning, a gathering of five teen young ladies between the ages of 13 and 18, shaped an underground rock band and performed at Glastonbury’s Woodsies stage.

Following the band’s presentation, drummer Kateryna communicated her energy to the Dad news office, expressing, “It was totally unimaginable. The group was incredible, and the stage was genuinely remarkable.”

Kateryna additionally applauded the committed endeavors of the whole staff, commenting, “Everyone included is exceeding all expectations to help the craftsmen’s exhibitions. It’s genuinely astounding and enormously valuable.”

Depicting Glastonbury as a monstrously critical occasion, Kateryna stressed its height as quite possibly of the biggest celebration, communicating her significant appreciation, expressing, “It holds huge significance for us, and the feelings we encountered were totally shocking.”

Shaped in 2018 inside an unassuming community situated in Ukraine’s Kyiv locale, the band met up when the young ladies were pretty much as youthful as seven years of age. From that point forward, they have effectively delivered two collections in Ukrainian and one collection in English.

In portraying the band’s music, Kateryna described it as “vivacious,” featuring its capacity to rouse moving and delight. Furthermore, she referenced the presence of an assortment of powerful melodies that dig into additional serious subjects.

Teenage Ukrainian Punk Band Ecstatic to Perform at Glastonbury
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Following the attack by Russia in February 2022, the band, which had been acting in Ukraine, went with the choice to leave the country. Looking for asylum, the young ladies moved to Essen, Germany, where they have since laid out their headquarters.

As indicated by Gary Fortune, the band’s tutor and a board part for Youngsters Rock for Youngsters, the music made by the band rises above their age, showing a development that outperforms assumptions.

Gary Fortune communicated his conviction that the band’s presentation at Glastonbury will act as an impetus for expanded consideration and openness. He conveyed, “This imprints just the start of an excursion that will draw in significantly more noteworthy acknowledgment for them.” Our point is to effectively look for valuable chances to help their advancement.”

Mr. Fortune uncovered that he at first reached Glastonbury with roughly two months staying before the celebration initiated, planning to get an exhibition opening for The Sixsters. In spite of the time requirements, he effectively got a sought after spot on the Woodsies stage.

Energetically relating the experience, Mr. Fortune shared, “We had the awesome opportunity to enlighten the young women about the news while they were in the studio in Germany, and their reaction was pure rapture.”

Over the impending end of the week, the band is set to elegance the stage at the Meet up celebration, an occasion coordinated by Children Rock For Youngsters.

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