“Today” Host Dylan Dreyer Reveals Truth Behind Her Morning Show Absence

Dylan Dreyer, the beloved host of ‘Today,’ recently unveiled her exciting new endeavors while taking a temporary leave from the morning show. In an Instagram post, Dreyer took the time to update her followers and explain her absence.

During a recent episode of the ‘Today 3rd Hour’ segment, Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Sheinelle Jones warmly welcomed Maria Shriver as a special anchor to fill in for Dreyer’s time away. Following the Fourth of July week, Dreyer decided to take a well-deserved break to spend quality time with her husband, Brian Fichera, and their three children: Calvin (5), Oliver (3), and Russell (1). Sharing her vacation excitement on Instagram, Dreyer exuded joy as she sported a figure-hugging blue T-shirt paired with white shorts.

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Where is Dylan Dreyer?

As the beloved morning show expanded its lineup, a temporary replacement for Dylan Dreyer was introduced. On Wednesday, July 12, Al Roker eagerly announced, “Dylan is taking some time off, and we’re absolutely thrilled to have our special anchor for ‘Today,’ Maria Shriver!” Maria, who stepped in as the fill-in host for the ‘Today 3rd Hour,’ expressed her gratitude, stating, “I’m truly delighted to be here.” Meanwhile, Craig and Sheinelle, the ‘Today’ hosts, warmly welcomed Maria and inquired about her well-being and how her summer has been. With enthusiasm, the 67-year-old author replied, “I’m surrounded by three of my favorite people. I’m doing great. Summer has been fantastic. I recently attended the Special Olympics in Berlin, and now I’m here with all of you. So, I’m having an amazing summer. I feel fantastic.” Sheinelle affectionately conveyed their fondness for Maria, saying, “We absolutely adore having you here!”

Dylan Dreyer’s new adventures

While Maria Shriver filled in as a special anchor at the NBC News studio in New York, Dylan Dreyer embarked on an exciting journey to the opposite side of the country. Dylan took to social media to share a photo of herself outside an airport, luggage in hand, shielding her face from the sun. In the accompanying caption, the TV personality revealed that she was heading to Nevada for a golf tournament scheduled from Wednesday to Sunday. Referring to the event as the “American Century Championship,” Dylan playfully described it as an “adult summer camp.” She teased her followers, promising that there would be more updates to come from Lake Tahoe.

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In a playful comment, Dylan’s husband, Brian Fichera, whom she tagged in the post, shared, “FYI, she also hired me as her personal photographer. That’s my official title for this moment until we hit Reno.” Hours later, Dreyer shared another Instagram post, capturing her practicing for the upcoming golf tournament. In one photo, she posed alongside a group of ladies, and in another snap, she proudly held a FedEx cup.

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