Romantic Revelation: News breaks that Ariana Grande and husband Dalton Gomez have officially split in January after Dalton's visit to England, where Ariana was filming Wicked. The separation was amicable, and Ariana gave her blessing for Dalton to date again.

Enter Ethan Slater: On July 20, it's revealed that Ariana Grande is dating her Wicked co-star, Ethan Slater. However, Slater's divorce from his wife, Lilly Jay, is already underway, leading to a messy romantic quagmire.

Estranged Spouses: Ethan Slater reportedly blindsided his wife of five years, Lilly Jay, by asking for a divorce just days before news of his relationship with Ariana Grande went public. Jay is said to be devastated by the sudden end of their high school sweetheart marriage.

Love on Set: Sources claim that Ariana and Ethan's feelings for each other were apparent on the Wicked set, with alleged displays of affection between takes. However, other sources say their relationship is fairly new and only recently began.

Dalton's Heartbreak: Dalton Gomez is described as devastated by the separation, as he had hoped to save his marriage with Ariana. He had been casually dating to distract himself, but his primary desire was to win her back.

Social Media Clues: Slater's wife and baby visited the Wicked set, and Grande reportedly spent time with them. Past social media posts and interactions between Grande and Slater also gained attention in light of their current relationship.

Changing Status: Grande's marital status change was noticed when she attended Wimbledon without her wedding ring. She has since deleted all wedding photos with Dalton Gomez.