Ethan Slater, Ariana Grande’s New Love Interest, Initiates Divorce Proceedings

Recently, the media has been abuzz with reports about Ariana Grande’s alleged romance with her Wicked co-star, Ethan Slater. The situation took a new turn on Wednesday when it was revealed that Slater filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Lilly Jay.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Slater initiated the divorce proceedings in New York City, but no specific reason for the split was officially stated. Slater and Jay, who were secondary school darlings, had been hitched for a span of five years and have a child together, brought into the world in 2022.

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TMZ cited sources close to the matter, with one unidentified insider claiming that Jay was left heartbroken by the news of the divorce. Another source, described as being close to both Slater and Grande, emphasized that emotions were running high due to the public nature of the situation. They asserted that while it’s difficult to see one’s ex moving on, Slater and Grande are trying to handle the situation respectfully and discreetly as they pursue their new relationship.

The news of Ariana Grande’s split from her previous husband, Dalton Gomez, and her involvement with Ethan Slater came to light earlier this month. It was reported that Grande and Gomez officially parted ways in January after Gomez visited England, where Grande was filming the Wicked adaptation pre-strike. During this time, they realized their marriage was no longer working. Shortly after the separation, reports surfaced that Gomez had started dating again, with Grande’s approval. Around July 20, it was revealed that Grande herself had also entered the dating scene and was romantically involved with Ethan Slater, who plays Boq to her Glinda in Wicked. However, it should be noted that Slater was simultaneously going through his own split with Lilly Jay during this period.

Ethan Slater, Ariana Grande's New Love Interest, Initiates Divorce Proceedings
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As more details continue to emerge, some reports have shed a less favorable light on Slater and Grande. An insider speaking to Us Weekly revealed that Slater had informed his wife about their marriage being over just “days” before the news broke out that he was dating Ariana Grande.

According to an insider, a few days before the news about him and Ariana came out, Ethan had a conversation with Lilly and expressed his desire for a divorce. Lilly was completely taken by surprise by this revelation.

While a source close to Grande denied the exact sequence of events, the insider alleged that on the Wicked set, Grande and Slater didn’t take great care in concealing their feelings for each other. They were reportedly seen holding hands between takes and were not discreet about it.

However, another source informed the media that Grande and Slater’s romantic involvement is relatively new. They only recently started seeing each other after both of them ended their previous relationships. Ariana split from Gomez in January, and Ethan was already separated from his wife.

On the other side of the story, a source from Page Six claimed that Jay was completely caught off guard by Slater’s decision to end their marriage. From Jay’s perspective, everything seemed fine, and he was taken aback when Ethan suddenly initiated the split. This breakup is particularly difficult for Jay, as they were high school sweethearts and have a child together. She is currently trying her best to cope with the situation and move forward.

As for Gomez, despite initial reports suggesting he was happily dating again, sources have revealed that he is devastated by the separation. The issues between him and Ariana existed even before she left for Wicked filming, and the distance only made things worse. Although he had been casually dating to distract himself, he still holds a deep desire to reconcile and win her back, as a separation is not what he wanted.

According to a source who spoke to People magazine, Gomez remained hopeful about saving his marriage, expressing his strong religious beliefs and dedication to making the relationship work. However, it became evident to him that Ariana had already moved on.

During this unfolding drama, Slater decided to make his Instagram account private. On Mother’s Day, he privately praised Jay, referring to her as “the most loving, caring, and wonderful mom/person in the world.” Interestingly, despite their apparent separation, Grande shared a rare public display of affection photo with Gomez to celebrate their second anniversary. Nevertheless, Grande later deleted all traces of their wedding photos from her account.

Ariana Grande kissing scene
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Adding to the complexity of the situation, Page Six reported that Slater’s wife and their baby visited the Wicked set, where Grande also spent time with the couple. Furthermore, in November, just a month before Slater departed to film Wicked, he posted a heartfelt social media tribute to his “best friend” Jay on their fourth anniversary, a post that Grande had notably “liked.” Additionally, a photo posted by Michelle Yeoh back in March showing Grande and Slater sitting closely together in a restaurant booth is now being perceived in a different light.

Grande’s marital status change became apparent when she made an appearance at Wimbledon on July 16. Observant fans had noticed the absence of her wedding ring in several of her Instagram posts leading up to the event. During the tennis match, where she was accompanied by her Wicked co-star Jonathan Bailey, she was noticeably not wearing her ring. The last public sighting of Grande with her wedding ring was back in April.

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