In Heartstopper season 2, Ben, played by Sebastian Croft, faces challenges as the antagonist, while Charlie and Nick's relationship continues to thrive.

In episode 7, titled "Sorry," Ben attempts to apologize to Charlie for his past behavior and reveals he won't be returning to Truham for sixth form.

Ben's apology is not accepted by Charlie, who challenges him to become a better person.

Ben admits that he likes Charlie and wants to be out, but his parents wouldn't accept "who I really am."

In the end, Ben stands outside the Lambert school's "Here and Queer" sign but steps back from the animated rainbow tide, symbolizing his continued denial of his true self.

The scene hints that Sebastian Croft may leave the series and not be in the main cast for Heartstopper season 3.

While some details might differ from the books, the future of Ben's character remains uncertain, and his fate will be confirmed when official announcements are made.