Is Sebastian Croft departing Heartstopper following season 2?

Heartstopper’s second season has finally arrived on Netflix, bringing changes for both our favorite and least favorite Truham-Higgs students. One major shift awaits the show’s antagonist Ben, portrayed by Sebastian Croft.

Throughout season 2, Charlie and Nick’s relationship flourishes with happiness, while Ben finds himself relegated to the sidelines at school, during the Paris trip, and in other situations where Charlie would rather not encounter him.

As season 2 draws to a close, questions arise about Sebastian Croft’s potential departure from the series, leaving fans wondering about Ben’s fate in Heartstopper’s third season. To find out what lies ahead for Ben, delve into the intriguing events that unfold for him in season 2.

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Is Ben leaving after Heartstopper season 2?

In Heartstopper season 2, episode 7, titled “Sorry,” Ben takes the initiative to find Charlie at Elle’s art exhibit, hoping to finally have a conversation with him. Despite Ben’s efforts to message Charlie earlier, Charlie had wisely avoided him. During this unexpected encounter at the art show, Ben discloses that he won’t be returning to Truham for sixth form, hinting at a possible departure of both Ben and Sebastian Croft from Heartstopper.

Before delving into his apology, Ben tells Charlie, “If you really hate me after this, you’ll never see me again.” With the intention of making amends and finding closure before leaving, Ben seeks Charlie’s forgiveness for the pain he caused. However, Charlie chooses not to grant him that satisfaction, instead challenging Ben to transform and become a better person.

During his expression of remorse, Ben sincerely concedes that he really loved Charlie (nevertheless does) and wishes to be consistent with himself, however he fears that his folks wouldn’t acknowledge “who I truly am.” Notwithstanding his bid for compassion, Charlie has doubts about tolerating Ben’s conciliatory sentiment, as he resolves issues of assent, control, and the adverse consequence on his self-esteem. This powerful confrontation becomes a cathartic moment for Charlie and serves as a poignant reminder that apologies don’t always have to be accepted.

Is Sebastian Croft confirmed to appear in Heartstopper season 3?

In the final scene, Ben stands outside the Lambert school’s “Here and Queer” sign as an animated rainbow tide approaches. However, he hesitates and steps back, suggesting that he’s still struggling to accept his true self. This ending leaves Ben’s personal journey in a melancholic state, while also addressing the consequences of his behavior towards Charlie. It is implied that Sebastian Croft might not be part of the main cast for Heartstopper season 3, but his future appearances remain uncertain. The series concludes on a hopeful yet bittersweet note, leaving the possibility for Ben’s story to continue off-screen or make a comeback in future episodes. We’ll await official announcements for confirmation on Ben and Croft’s fate.

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