Music Producer Mark Ronson Criticizes Bill Maher for Critique of Popular Film ‘Barbie’

Barbie’s music producer, Mark Ronson, didn’t hold back in responding to Bill Maher’s critique of Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster hit.

Ronson, overseeing the film’s soundtrack and contributing to its standout tracks, including “I’m Just Ken,” took to social media to address Maher’s description of the movie as “preachy” and “man-hating.” Sharing his thoughts on Tuesday,

Ronson began a tweet with a nod to Nicole Kidman’s famous ad, stating, “We visit AMC theaters for enchantment – to laugh, cry, and care. Meanwhile, we’re frantically googling ‘mattel board configuration’ while others try to relish a brilliant comedy.”

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The Academy Award-winning songwriter, Ronson, was responding to Maher’s four-part tweet from Wednesday, where the Real Time host expressed that Barbie turned out as he anticipated, despite his hopes for the contrary.

“Okay, ‘Barbie’: Unfortunately, it ended up being both preachy and encouraging unfavorable attitudes of men, contrary to my hopes. Even worse, it perpetuated what some call a ‘Zombie Lie’ – something that was never true but some individuals keep repeating it (like the notion that tax cuts for the wealthy boost revenues), or something that was once true but is no longer valid, yet some people continue to pretend it is. ‘Barbie’ falls into this category of #ZombieLie.”

He proceeded to discuss certain aspects of the movie, and I’ll give you a heads up that there might be some spoilers involved. During the film, Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) approach the Mattel board in the real world, which is depicted as comprising twelve Caucasian men.

The composition of the actual Mattel board closely resembles the demographics of the country. Last year, 45% of the 449 board positions filled within Fortune 500 companies were held by women,” he added. “In reality, I’m not the individual who’s out of sync – I’m simply aligned with the present time. While I found enjoyment in Barbie and its entertainment, it’s important to acknowledge that labeling it as a #ZombieLie is accurate. Those who reject unfounded myths aren’t subscribing to some radical belief; they are merely staying aligned with the current state of affairs.

Maher joins Ben Shapiro and Elon Musk in expressing unfavorable opinions about Gerwig’s Barbie.

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