Carrie Underwood Impresses Rock Enthusiasts with Her Motörhead Cover

Don’t underestimate country singers’ ability to rock! Carrie Underwood has been astonishing the audience during her recent concerts with Guns N’ Roses, where she’s been delivering an impressive cover that’s leaving the crowd in awe.

An Unexpected Pairing

Both rock and country enthusiasts were taken by surprise when Carrie Underwood revealed her plan to join Guns N’ Roses for multiple shows on their extensive 2023 tour.

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On May 31st, the country sensation shared the following message on her Twitter account:

While this might appear unconventional at first glance, it’s actually a brilliant collaboration. Underwood has openly expressed her passion for rock music on several occasions.

During her upbringing, she held a strong affinity for grunge music, attending her first concert headlined by Green Day. Additionally, the lyrics of her breakthrough hit “Before He Cheats” exude a punk rock energy. It was only a matter of time before the country artist aimed for rock stardom as well.

Stage Jitters

Even after 19 years of gracing massive stages, the star still experiences pre-show jitters. Following her debut performance with Guns N’ Roses, Underwood admitted to feeling “extremely anxious” about the show.

However, the warm reception from the rock audience appears to have assuaged her anxieties.

With a significant crossover between rock and country enthusiasts, Carrie Underwood enjoys widespread recognition. Undoubtedly, fans of Guns N’ Roses found themselves enjoying Underwood’s own songs during her performance. Adding to the experience was the extra surprise she had prepared for them.

An Ace Up Her Sleeve

Seizing the moment, the “Cowboy Casanova” artist embraced her inner rockstar while opening for Guns N’ Roses. Underwood’s performance included an energetic rendition of Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades.”

Her rendition showcased her rock prowess, evident in her ability to command the stage. The crowd was electrified by her acapella interlude in the song’s bridge, igniting the atmosphere even further.

Carrie Underwood admirers, especially those fond of Lemmy from Motörhead, will undoubtedly revel in the distinctive edge she brings to her vocals, reminiscent of Lemmy’s iconic growl.

Rock and Roll Lifestyle

Carrie’s rock performance continues as she gears up to join Guns N’ Roses for another show on August 26th in Nashville, TN.

Hopefully, we’ll capture more moments of the country sensation energizing the audience with her enthusiastic heavy metal renditions.

Possibly signaling the start of further rock collaborations, it would be exciting to witness Carrie Underwood displaying her rock expertise, be it through studio recordings or additional crossover tours.

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