California Politician Urges Taylor Swift to Postpone LA Concerts Amidst Hotels Strike, Despite Recently Attending Her Show

California politicians implored Swift to delay the final part of her sold-out Eras Tour as a show of solidarity with striking hotel employees in Los Angeles. Even the state’s lieutenant governor, who had recently attended the singer’s concert, joined in the request.

Unite Here Local 11, a union representing more than 32,000 hospitality workers in Southern California and Arizona, expressed their support for hotel housekeepers in L.A. in a letter addressed to Swift.

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In their letter, the union praised Swift as a strong and fearless woman who serves as an inspiration to many constituents. They highlighted the struggles faced by hotel housekeepers, who work diligently to make beds, clean bathrooms, and attend to every guest’s needs but are currently experiencing financial difficulties.

Swift’s performances, scheduled for six nights at SoFi Stadium, were set to begin on Thursday.

The letter garnered the support of fifty-three officials, including California’s Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, state Senator Dave Min, and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors chair Janice Hahn.

California politicians have urged Swift to reschedule the last part of her Eras Tour in response to ongoing hotel strikes in Los Angeles, as reported by AP.

After attending Swift’s concert at Levis Stadium in San Francisco, Kounalakis, who assumed office with Governor Gavin Newsom in 2019, promptly added her signature to the petition.

Sharing her experience at the Eras Tour, Kounalakis posted a photo and video on her social media.

NBC News reported that hotel workers in California initiated strikes last month, engaging in three-day work stoppages. They demanded higher wages and improved benefits, stating that their current salaries do not adequately support them in the Los Angeles area.

After attending the Eras Tour in San Francisco, Kounalakis signed the Unite Here Local 11 petition, as mentioned on Twitter/@EleniForCA.

The union’s petition outlines its demands, which include an immediate $5 per hour wage increase, followed by an additional $3 per hour raise annually for the next two years. They also seek improved health care benefits.

Addressing the impact of Swift’s shows on the region’s hotels, the union expressed that hotels in Los Angeles significantly increase their rates, doubling or even tripling prices when she performs. While the hotels profit immensely from her concerts, many workers are unable to afford living near their workplaces, with some resorting to sleeping in their cars between shifts, and others facing the risk of losing their homes.

According to Instagram/@taylorswift, the Eras Tour has become a crucial factor in supporting hotel workers’ fight for fair wages and better livelihoods. The tour’s high demand for tickets, as reported by Forbes, has significantly impacted the local economies of the cities where Swift performs.

Billboard noted that Swift’s Cincinnati shows contributed over $2.6 million to downtown hotels and $5.3 million to surrounding area hotels. Moreover, in Chicago, the tour generated a staggering $39 million in hotel revenue.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the last Eras Tour shows in the US, Swift took to Instagram on Tuesday, stating, “I loved every second of those shows and can’t wait for LA. Playing six shows at Sofi stadium, let’s goooooo!”

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