Dwayne Johnson’s Remarkable 7-Figure Donation to SAG-AFTRA Amidst Actors’ Strike Creates History

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has generously made a substantial seven-figure contribution to SAG-AFTRA to support union actors who are on strike. While the exact amount remains undisclosed due to its private nature, SAG-AFTRA’s director of communications, Caroline O’Connor, confirmed the historic significance of this donation for their nonprofit organization in a statement to USA TODAY on Tuesday.

This remarkable contribution from Johnson stands as the largest ever received from an individual donor in the union’s nearly 40-year history.

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The wrestler-turned-actor’s donation will be instrumental in providing urgent aid to thousands of union members who have been adversely affected by the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, offering crucial assistance for their basic needs, as shared by O’Connor.

As of now, Johnson has refrained from commenting on his charitable act.

In a recent development, Hollywood actors voted to join striking writers earlier this month, leading to the suspension of production for numerous movies and TV shows.

“We approached this situation with sincere efforts to prevent the strike, so the gravity of this decision is not lost on me,” expressed Screen Actors Guild president Fran Drescher during a news conference in Los Angeles on July 13, announcing the strike. She also emphasized that they felt compelled to take this action as they were being unfairly impacted by a highly avaricious entity, adding that it was time for them to stand together in unprecedented unity. Drescher underscored the importance of not accepting further marginalization and disrespect, especially in a rapidly evolving industry transformed by streaming and artificial intelligence. Standing tall in unity was vital, as failure to do so could jeopardize their collective future. She firmly stated that it was time to say “no” to such treatment and demand fair recognition and respect for their profession.

Hollywood Actors’ Strike Paralyzes Film and TV Industry, Claiming Victimhood

Since May 2, Hollywood writers have been engaged in a strike, demanding better payment contracts amidst the backdrop of underwhelming streaming deals. This situation has compounded concerns about artificial intelligence posing a potential threat to writers’ job security. Simultaneously, actors are seeking improved pay deals, particularly from streaming services like Netflix.

The joint strikes by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) have had an immediate impact, causing the suspension of production for various TV shows and movies. One notable example is the movie “Challengers,” featuring Zendaya, which was initially scheduled to premiere at the Venice International Film Festival but has now been postponed to 2024.

Additionally, the strike terms have put a stop to promotional appearances, ranging from glamorous red carpet events to media junkets. The duration of the strike remains uncertain, but some reports indicate that studios are prepared to continue negotiations well into the fall to secure the desired concessions.

Unraveling the 2023 Writers Strike: WGA’s Stand and its Impact on TV and Film Industry

For the first time in 63 years, both Hollywood actors and writers have initiated strikes simultaneously. Commercial actors were last on strike for a six-month period in 2000, whereas the film and theatrical actor members of SAG last experienced a 14-hour strike back in 1986. As for the writers, they staged a 100-day walkout in 2007 and 2008.

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