Savannah Guthrie Takes Abrupt Leave from NBC’s ‘Today’ Show; Craig Melvin Steps In as Temporary Host

In a recent episode of NBC’s ‘Today’ show in New York City, there was a surprising turn of events as co-anchor Savannah Guthrie took an unexpected leave from the program. On the show’s Wednesday, July 26 broadcast, viewers noticed that Guthrie’s usual seat was filled by co-host Craig Melvin. However, no explanation was provided by any of the hosts regarding Guthrie’s absence or when she is expected to return.

Guthrie, who typically hosts alongside Hoda Kotb, had fulfilled her hosting duties on the ‘Today’ show on Monday and Tuesday of that week. However, she unexpectedly left the following day without giving any prior notice to the viewers. As of now, there are no further details available regarding the reason for her sudden departure or when she will resume her role on the show.

Where is ‘Today’ Savannah Guthrie?

During a recent episode of ‘Today,’ Hoda Kotb’s regular co-host, Savannah Guthrie, was unexpectedly absent, leading to Craig Melvin taking her place at the start of the show alongside Kotb. Typically, Melvin would join Kotb and Guthrie around 30 minutes into the program, however on this specific day, he was there all along. Prior to her absence, Guthrie had hosted the show on Monday and Tuesday. Kotb began the segment by warmly greeting the audience, “Good morning. So happy you are with us on this Wednesday morning.” She acknowledged Guthrie’s absence, stating, “Savannah is off, but Craig is with us.” However, Kotb did not disclose the reason for her co-host’s absence or whether Guthrie would return for Thursday’s episode of ‘Today.’

Craig Melvin’s back on ‘Today’

Craig Melvin made his much-awaited return to the ‘Today’ show on Tuesday after a refreshing two-week vacation spent with his family at the beach. Although he didn’t appear alongside Guthrie and Kotb in the first hour, viewers were thrilled to see him during the lively ‘Today 3rd Hour’ segment. Stepping in for Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer, who were taking a break that day, Melvin joined forces with Al Roker and Nicky Nguyen.

The segment kicked off with a cheerful Melvin sharing stories of his memorable vacation with Roker, Nguyen, and the audience. “It’s good to be back,” he exclaimed, clearly excited to be reunited with his co-hosts and the show. Melvin enthusiastically described how he, along with his younger brother and older brothers along with their kids, enjoyed their time together at the beach and pool. It was a fun-filled family affair with lots of laughter and bonding moments.

During his time off, Melvin also indulged in a game of golf with his dad, a cherished activity that holds a special place in their hearts. As if that wasn’t enough, he received a wonderful surprise from his wife, Lindsay Czarniak, who organized a family tennis outing, adding a sporty touch to their vacation.

Despite the fantastic time they had, Melvin couldn’t help but mention the scorching weather they encountered. With temperatures soaring up to 95 degrees, it surely must have been a hot but eventful getaway.

As Al Roker warmly welcomed his co-host back, the trio continued their lively banter, making it clear that they were thrilled to have Craig Melvin back on the ‘Today’ show. The viewers echoed that sentiment, delighted to see him in high spirits and ready to bring more exciting news and stories to their mornings.

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